"In the past 25 years that I have lived in Atlanta, I have experienced many changes and many moves (five houses, ten remodeling projects and a second home) and the one constant has been Candler Lloyd. Over the years I have developed tremendous trust in Candy: her incredible eye for color; her unfailing ability to create both interest and comfort in her designs; her familiarity with my family and the way we live; her ability to create a style that is genuinely a joint effort between me and her (thankfully, mostly her!). Candy never imposes her "look", can adapt to many different situations and budgets, and most importantly, makes the entire experience loads of fun. I would never consider working with anyone else."

Carroll O'Brien
"Although we live in Upstate New York overlooking Cayuga Lake, we wanted to build a very large southern house like the home places we grew up knowing in North Carolina. It had to be warm and inviting in an English country house manner while in a very gray, challenging climate. Candy was undaunted as she used her incredible gift for working with color, which is often associated with southern climes. Every room is bright, fairly beckoning one to sit and enjoy your surroundings. Candy quickly assesses the needs of a client, and in our case, a house for large family homecomings. She has the uncanny ability to know the details necessary to make a new house feel like a piece of the past. Working with Candy was wonderful...we enjoy living with her magic touches throughout our house."

Tetlow and Roy Park
"With Candy Lloyd's experienced eye and easy manner building our log home in North Carolina was a delightful experience. Her ability to work with the architect and builder enabled us to accomplish our goal of creating a unique, functional, and relaxing family retreat. The environment Candy created is achieved with her talented eye for color, pattern, and detail combined with a creative mix of antique and contemporary pieces. For every challenge Candy had a resource and solution. Each time we entertain people give us the greatest compliment, "Your home is so beautiful because it is so warm and inviting." In addition to her professional expertise Candy is also easy and fun to work with. My only regret is that the project is finished!"

Jan and Frank Harrison
"When we started working together, I was monochromatic to the max. Somehow you moved me from boring beige to rainbows of color and I LOVE IT! Each room gives me a different feeling and everyone gives me joy.

As I studied my magazines and books last weekend, I found articles and photos proclaiming this color or that color to be the "in color" of the season followed by the "in color" of the next season on and on throughout the year. At first, all I could think of was, "where can I use some of that color"? While doing a mental walk through our house to see where I could add the color of the moment, it dawned on me, that thanks to you, our home already has all those beautiful colors. But more than that, I realized that not only do we have all the colors, but you have used them in such creative combinations that the house doesn't seem to have been "decorated in the fashion of the day" but rather to have been "gathered in love".

I just wanted you to know what a gift you have and how every much I appreciate it and you! You have literally colored my days happy!"

Margaret Boyd